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Leafy Greens

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  • Botanical - Borago officinalis
    Borage Seeds
    120 Seeds. Other Names - Star Flower, Talewort, Tailwort, Cool Tankard… Borage produces a beautiful star shaped blue flower which is edible and tastes like cucumbers. This attractive plant is excellent at attracting... More
  • Botanical - Pimpinella saxifraga
    Burnet Seeds
    170 Seeds. Other Names - Salad Burnet, Garden Burnet, Small Burnet… The leaves of Salad Burnet have a subtle cucumber flavour and can be added raw to salads, sandwiches, cold summer drinks etc. This easy to grow... More
  • Botanical - Anthriscus cerefolium
    Chervil Curled Seeds
    740 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Chervil, French Parsley, Hedge Parsley… Chervil curled produces spicy rich aniseed flavoured leaves which are ideal for adding raw to salads, soups, poultry and fish dishes. A great... More
  • Botanical - Brassica rapa (var. pekinensis)
    Chinese Cabbage Seeds - Wong Bok
    700 Seeds. Other Names - Oriental Leaves… Wong Bok is a superb variety of Chinese cabbage producing a large sized tender sweet flavoured leaf. It is a large hearting type and can produce a heart 25 - 30cm in length... More
  • Botanical - Allium schoenoprasum
    Chives Seeds
    310 Seeds. Other Names - Chinese Leek… This easy to grow perennial herb is a valuable addition to any garden. It produces clumps of dark green, thin, long grass-like leaves with a strong onion flavour. The attractive... More
  • Botanical - Coriandrum sativum
    Coriander Seeds - Confetti
    260 Seeds. Other Names - Chinese Parsley, Cilantro… Confetti is an unusual coriander variety which produces attractive finely serrated leaves which resemble carrot tops. The variety is slow to run to seed and is... More
  • Botanical - Coriandrum sativum
    Coriander Seeds - Green Aroma
    260 Seeds. Other Names - Chinese Parsley, Cilantro… This variety produces large, dark green coloured leaves with an excellent pungent flavour. Green Aroma coriander has a good heat tolerance and is slow to bolt unlike... More
  • Botanical - Lepidium sativum
    Cress Seeds - Common Cress
    36g (approx. 13000 Seeds). Other Names - Plain Cress, Garden Cress, Sprouting Seeds, Micro Leaves, Micro Greens... Growing cress is a fast and rewarding way to supply the kitchen with fresh tasty green leaves all through... More
  • Botanical - Lepidium sativum
    Cress Seeds - Curled Cress
    35g (approx. 13000 Seeds) Other Names - Garden Cress, Peppercress, Sprouting Seeds, Micro Leaves, Micro Greens... A fast growing cress with a curled green leaf. Curled cress is very easy to grow and can simply be sprinkled... More
  • Botanical - Lepidium sativum
    Cress Seeds - Mustard Cress
    43 grams (Approx. 6000 Seeds) Other Names - Sprouting Seeds, Micro Leaves, Micro Greens... This variety of cress is delicious on sandwiches, added to salads, garnishes or simply added to stir fries. It adds a little bite... More