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Suitable for Winter Growing

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  • Botanical - Vicia faba
    Field Bean Seeds - Green Manure
    250g (Coverage - 10m²) Other Names - Winter Field Beans… The deep roots of field beans are excellent for helping to break up heavy clay soils. This legume variety has the ability to fix nitrogen in nodules in... More
  • Botanical - Allium schoenoprasum
    Garlic Chives Seeds
    110 Seeds. Other Names - Chinese Leek, Oriental Garlic Chives… Garlic chives is an easy to grow and very productive perennial producing clumps of dark green, thin, long flattened leaves with a distinct garlic flavour... More
  • Botanical - Brassica oleracea (Acephala group)
    Kale Seeds - Dwarf Green Curled
    450 Seeds. Other Names - Borecole, Curly Kale… An excellent source of fresh leafy greens in the depth of winter when little else is available. Kale Dwarf Green Curled is a compact variety making it ideal for exposed... More
  • Botanical - Brassica oleracea (Acephala group)
    Kale Seeds - Nero Di Toscana
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Borecole, Black Cabbage, Black Kale, Tuscan Kale… The kale Nero Di Toscana has attractive deeply savoyed dark green leaves. It is a very hardy plant that will survive the harshest of winters... More
  • Kale Seeds - Pentland Brig
    Kale Seeds - Pentland Brig
    350 Seeds. Other Names - Borecole… Different from most kales with it's less curly and more cabbage-like leaves Bred for flavour which is deliciously sweet and nutty An old trusted heritage variety gaining... More
  • Botanical - Brassica oleracea (Acephala group)
    Kale Seeds - Red Russian
    500 Seeds. Other Names - Borecole, Ragged Jack… A favourite and popular variety producing tender leaves sweet and tender enough to be eaten raw in salads. Red Russian kale is very hardy and will withstand the cold... More
  • Kale Seeds - Scarlet
    Kale Seeds - Scarlet
    135 Seeds. Other Names - Borecole… Produces decorative deep purple leaves Harvest when young as a salad leaf or leave to mature for winter greens Fully winter hardy Suitable For - Vegetable plot, raised beds,... More
  • Botanical - Valerianella locusta
    Lambs Lettuce Seeds
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Corn Salad, Mache, Lambs Tongue… Lambs lettuce or Corn Salad is best grown during the cooler months as it is less prone to mildew problems. Lambs lettuce is a slow growing leafy green however... More
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Leaf Beet Seeds - Bulls Blood Beet
    200 Seeds. Other Names - Spinach Beet, Chard… This dual purpose beet produces stunning deep purple red leaves which are ideal for adding colour and an earthy beetroot flavour to salads. The leaves are best harvested... More
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Leaf Beet Seeds - Erbette
    155 Seeds. Other Names - Spinach Beet, Chard… A traditional Italian leaf beet with pale green thin leaves with an excellent flavour and texture. Erbette is very productive, ideal for containers and beginners. Eat raw... More