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Courgettes belong to the same family as the cucumber, squash and pumpkin. They are a rewarding and very productive plant to grow and have become very popular with the British gardener.

Courgettes are a versatile vegetable to use in the kitchen, delicious when lightly cooked in stir fries, curries, and pasta dishes, or lightly fried with a little butter and fresh garlic or even eaten raw in salads.

Home grown courgettes are superior in taste compared to shop bought. To fully appreciate their delicate taste and crisp texture they should be eaten within 2 hours of being harvested.

Courgettes come in a variety of shapes and colours, long, round, stripy, dark and light green, yellow and cream. All varieties taste very similar to each other however the round and yellow varieties especially add some novelty to the plate.

The traditional long green varieties however are the most prolific and each plant can at the height of a hot summer produce one new courgette every day.

Courgettes freeze well and a glut of fruits can easily be frozen for winter use.

As long as the soil is fertile and moisture retentive courgettes are an easy and very productive vegetable to grow and are suitable for beginners and children as well as growing in containers.

  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Courgette Seeds - Midnight F1
    11 Seeds. Other Names - Zucchini, Summer Squash, Marrow… This variety is virtually spine free making harvesting a little easier. Midnight F1 is a compact plant suitable for small gardens where space is at a premium,... More
    £2.66 £1.46
  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Courgette Seeds - Black Beauty Dark Fog
    20 Seeds. Other Names - Zucchini, Summer Squash, Marrow… A vigorous and productive courgette producing an abundance of dark green coloured long courgettes over a long season. The fruits of Black Beauty Dark Fog have... More
    £2.25 £1.12
  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Courgette Seeds - Zucchini Goldy
    5 Seeds. Other Names - Zucchini, Marrow… Yellow courgettes have a slightly different flavour to green varieties, the texture is also crisper. Zucchini Goldy produces beautiful bright yellow cylindrical fruits. The... More
    £2.27 £1.59
  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Courgette Seeds - Genovese
    15 Seeds. Other Names - Zucchini, Marrow… This early maturing courgette variety produces cylindrical light green fruits with light grey speckles and can grow up to 20 cm in length. Genovese has an open bush habit... More
    £2.09 £1.15