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Our Price Promise

If you find the exact same product cheaper elsewhere within 28 days of purchase we will refund you 2 times the difference! Click here for more details and terms & conditions.

12 Months Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, let us know within 12 months of the purchase date for a full refund, replacement or a store credit. Click here for more details and terms & conditions.

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These Terms & Conditions were last updated on Saturday, August 22, 2015 and apply to all goods supplied by Groseeds, Holborn, Groes, Denbigh, Conwy, LL16 5BL. Trading as 'Groseeds'.VAT Registration No - GB 196 6823 55.

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before placing your order. We advise that you print a copy of these Terms & Conditions along with all the additional web pages linked to the Terms and Conditions page before placing an order. Keep them safe along with your order details for future reference as these terms may change over time.

By placing an order with Groseeds you accept the Terms & Conditions within the www.groseeds.co.uk website at the date of sale.
Your Statuary Rights are not affected by any of these terms.

Page Contents

01. Our Price Promise.
02. 12 Months Warranty.
03. Condition of Sale.
04. Purchase Agreement.
05. Availability.
06. Promotions & Offers.
07. Gift Vouchers.
08. Prices & VAT.
09. Delivery Charges.
10. Payment.
11. Security.
12. Order Despatch & Delivery.
13. Received Incorrect Goods or Incomplete Order.
14. Your Right to Cancel the Order.
15. Risk, Ownership & Title.
16. Copyright © & Use of This Site.
17. Seed Quality.
18. Customer Services.
19. Cookies & Privacy Policy.
20. Customer Reviews.
21. Customer Images and Video's.
22. Email Policy.
23. Account Registration.
24. Product Images, Descriptions & Growing Advice.
25. Contacting Us.
26. Complaints.
27. Changes to our T&C's.
28. Governing Law & Jurisdiction.

1. Our Price Promise

We guarantee that if after your purchase with Groseeds you find the same variety and pack size cheaper elsewhere within 28 days of the purchase date we will give you double the difference back, paid direct into your Groseeds store account.
Please read 'Our Price Promise' page for full details on - the information we will need from you to make a claim, where to send your claim, our price promise Terms & Conditions and how to redeem your claim.

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2. 12 Months Warranty

We want you to be delighted with your purchase and we promise to supply products of the highest quality in prime condition to you.

We Guarantee -

  • All seed varieties are true to type (if you order carrot Sugarsnax that is what you will receive)
  • You will receive the stated seed count (often a little more but never less)
  • All seed varieties comply with strict EU rules and regulations
  • Germination rates meet EU standards (each variety has been laboratory tested)
  • All organic seed varieties comply with Soil Association regulations
  • If you buy organic seeds you are guaranteed to receive organic certified seeds
  • We do not knowingly sell genetically modified seeds (we are proud members of the 'Safe Seed Pledge')

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase please inform us as soon as the problem becomes apparent and within 12 months of the purchase date by filling in and submitting the form on our '12 Months Warranty' page. If you prefer to post the form, print and fill the '12 Months Warranty' pdf form and post to - Groseeds, Holborn, Groes, Denbigh, Conwy, LL16 5BL.

Please let us know of any problems within 12 months of the purchase date.
Please read our '12 Month Warranty' page for full details on...

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3. Condition of Sale

  • All our seeds, up to the time of delivery are guaranteed to strictly comply with current EU Seed Regulations.
  • We aim to ensure that all product information is accurate and correct however all product images, descriptions and all other information regarding specific products e.g. hardiness, should be used as guidance only.
  • The products we offer on www.groseeds.co.uk are not for resale purposes.

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4. Purchase Agreement

  • Your contract for supply is made with Groseeds, Holborn, Groes, Denbigh, Conwy, LL16 5BL.
  • When an order is placed by you to purchase goods from us this constitutes as an offer from you.
  • When we have received full payment and have accepted your offer we will confirm acceptance of your offer and the commencement of the contract to supply by sending you an 'Order Despatched' email. The automated 'Groseeds Order Confirmation' email sent when first placing your order does not constitute our acceptance.

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5. Availability

  • To prevent any inconvenience or disappointment to our customers, all products that become 'out of stock' on the Groseeds website will be removed from display until stock levels are replenished.
  • If at the time of despatch, a product fails to meet our high standards and is of an unsuitable quality to send we will notify you promptly via email. In this situation we will offer you an alternative product, credit your account or refund you the full value of the item(s) in question. If the original postage charge is less due to the amendments to the order we will credit your account or refund you the difference.

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6. Promotions & Offers

We often run special offers and promotions on our website.

  • All offers are the sole discretion of Groseeds and are subject to variety or withdrawal without any notice.
  • Offers cannot be applied to previous orders.

6.1 Free Gifts

For example - 'Get Poppy Shirley seeds free when you spend £19.50 or more'.

  • In this example, the free poppy seeds will be added automatically to your shopping basket once the minimum spend of £19.50 has been reached.
  • The minimum spend of £19.50 should not include the price of the free gift or any postage and packaging costs.
  • We like to keep to our promise and will do our very best to keep a free gift in stock, however if for reasons such as short supply due to crop failure etc. we will substitute the free gift with a similar product of equal or greater value (never less).
  • Promotions such as for example - 'The first 100 orders this week will receive 1 packet of tomato seeds Sungold free' will be on the basis of first come first served.
  • Free delivery offers will be delivered 2nd class by the Royal Mail.

6.2 Voucher Code Offers

For example - 'Join our Let's Gro Newsletter and get 8% off your order'.

  • Once you have submitted your email address to subscribe to our newsletter you should within a few minutes receive an email from Groseeds (please check your spam folder) requesting that you confirm your subscription to our Let's Gro Newsletter. Click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription and to claim your 10% off voucher code. (Your voucher code will appear as soon as you have confirmed your subscription)
  • To redeem the discount simply enter the voucher code in the 'coupon code' box during checkout.

6.3 Percentage (%) Off Discounts

For example - 'Join our Let's Gro Newsletter and get 20% off your order'.

Rather than calculating the 20% discount from the subtotal our shopping cart platform will calculate the 20% discount from each individual item in your shopping basket, it will then round each figure up or down (whichever is closest) before adding the subtotal. This process of rounding up or rounding down each item price often leads to the % discount being and a few pennies out.

Here's an example order with 20% discount applied to the whole subtotal -
6 items in total - 3 items at £1.61 each and 3 items at £1.47 each

  • The subtotal of the order before applying the 20% discount is £9.24
  • 20% of the subtotal is £1.848 (rounded up to £1.85)
  • Total to pay after the 20% discount calculated from the subtotal is £7.39

Here's how our system will calculate the discount on this example order -

  • 20% of £1.61 is 32.2 pence (the system will round this figure down to 32 pence) x 3 items = 96 pence discount
  • 20% of £1.47 is 29.4 pence (the system will round this figure down to 29 pence) x 3 items = 87 pence discount
  • Total discount for all 6 items is £1.83
  • Total to pay on this order after the discount has been calculated is £7.41 (2 pence difference)
  • Actual percentage discount received = 19.97%

Due to the constraints in our shopping cart platform we are unable to guarantee the full amount of the discount percentage on offer. Customers using a percentage off discount offer should expect the total payment value after the % discount to be incorrect by a few pennies due to this calculation process which is unfortunately a process out of our control.

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7. Gift Vouchers

These terms and conditions apply to all Groseeds gift vouchers.

  • Groseeds gift vouchers can only be redeemed on groseeds.co.uk.
  • The gift voucher will be automatically e-mailed to the recipient as soon as the order has been processed.
  • The recipient will be able to save or print the voucher.
  • Groseeds vouchers are personal to each individual and any inappropriate use of our vouchers will be seen and treated as fraud.
  • Our gift vouchers have no cash redemption value and cannot be exchanged and are non-transferable.
  • Gift vouchers are non-refundable purchases.
  • Only one gift voucher can be redeemed per order.
  • Our gift vouchers cannot be used as payment for the purchase of more gift vouchers.
  • All gift vouchers must be redeemed before the expiry date stated clearly on the voucher. After this time the voucher will become invalid.
  • If the order exceeds the value of the gift voucher the remaining balance must be paid for using a credit or debit card.
  • Any remaining funds on the gift voucher must be redeemed before the expiry date stated on the voucher. After this time any remaining balances will become void.
  • Groseeds is not responsible for the loss or theft of a gift voucher neither are we responsible for destroyed or any vouchers that have been redeemed without permission.
  • Groseeds is not responsible for the content of the gift voucher message or for the e-mail address of the recipient being correct. Customers should check the correctness of the recipients e-mail address before placing the order.
  • Our standard terms and conditions regarding the use of our website and purchases apply to all gift vouchers.

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8. Prices & VAT

  • All price are in GBP.
  • All product prices include VAT where applicable.
  • Our prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.
  • If our prices change between the date you place your order and the date we despatch your order we will honour the original price of the product at the date of order.
  • If an error becomes apparent to us where we have inaccurately priced a product(s) or set a discount voucher value incorrectly we will not be bound to supply you the goods at the incorrect value. We will contact you in this situation to inform you of the correct price. You can decide to confirm or decline the order.

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9. Delivery Charges

  • Our delivery charge policy can be viewed on our 'Delivery, P&P' page.
  • P&P charges can also be conveniently accessed on every product page by clicking on the 'Delivery Charge' tab.

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10. Payment

The security and privacy of your payment details is a priority to Groseeds.

  • All card payments are processed in line with PCI DSS Industry Security Standards.
  • Payments made on groseeds.co.uk are processed by Worldpay who are a global leader in payment processing technology with over 31 million transactions processed by Woldpay every day.
  • Groseeds does not store and has no access to credit or debit card details.
  • Full payment will be taken at the time the order is placed.
  • We accept payments by MasterCard, Visa (debit and credit card), Maestro, JCB and valid Groseeds Gift Vouchers.
  • If for whatever reason the bank or card issuer refuses to authorise the payment we will contact you for further instructions. Groseeds will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery of goods resulting from this.

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11. Security

The security of your personal information is one of our highest priorities and we take every precaution necessary to protect your information. The personal information you submit when registering or placing an order including when you submit your credit or debit card details is encrypted with the industry standard encryption software SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Who provides our SSL Security?

  • Groseeds uses SSL security provided by GeoTrust which is the 2nd largest digital certificate providers in the world and trusted by more than 100,000 websites.
  • To confirm the current validity of the SSL certificate on our groseeds.co.uk website simply click on the dynamically generated GeoTrust Site Seal found at the bottom of every web page. The GeoTrust Site Seal button should display the current date and time. Click the button to see the current security status of the groseeds.co.uk website and the validity period.

How will I know if the page is safe & SSL encrypted?

  • You will know if the page is protected by SSL encryption by checking your browser.
  • The address (url) of a non secure page with no SSL encryption will look like this in your browser - www.groseeds.co.uk/about-us/
  • A webpage secured with SSL encryption will display a reassuring padlock image in your browser followed by - https://
  • The address (url) of a secure page with SSL encryption will look like this in your browser - (padlock image) https://www.groseeds.co.uk/checkout.php
  • The padlock and the https:// confirms that any information submitted on this page will be encrypted and safe.
  • To keep your personal information safe please keep your Groseeds account password a secret.
  • We also ensure that your personal information is also protected offline.

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12. Order Despatch & Delivery

  • We currently order to UK postcodes only.
  • Goods are usually despatched within 24 hours of receiving the order (subject to the order being paid for in full).
  • Despatch of goods during our busy time (January - May) may take up to 48 hours. We will notify you if there is a significant delay to the despatch of your goods.
  • Once your goods have been despatched we will send you a 'Groseeds order has been despatched' e-mail.
  • Larger orders may not be delivered at the same time. We will notify you if this is the case in the 'Groseeds order has been despatched' e-mail. We will inform you in this email how many packets to expect.
  • Your goods will be delivered to the delivery address you specified when placing your order. Please ensure that both the billing and shipping address is correct as we cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to the goods once delivered in accordance with your delivery instructions.
  • We aim for all goods to be delivered to our customers within the quoted time frame specified on our 'Delivery, P&P' page. However factors such as the weather, postal strikes and the distance or remoteness of the delivery address may affect the time frame of the delivery. We will however contact you if we are aware of any factors, such as the weather in our area that may extend the quoted delivery time frame.
  • We cannot be liable for any orders that do not get delivered within the stated time frame.

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13. Received Incorrect Goods or Incomplete Order

Please read our 'Returns & Refunds' page for full details on...

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14. Your Right to Cancel the Order

The Consumer Contract Regulation states that a consumer who makes a distance sale purchase (such as from a website) has the right to cancel an order without giving any reason from the moment the order is placed up until 14 calendar days from the day after the goods are received.

Please read our 'Your right to Cancel' page which will give you full details regarding - what is a distance sale and the cooling off period, how to cancel your order within the cooling off period, submitting your order cancellation form, what happens after an order cancellation form is received, what you the customer need to do and what Groseeds will do.

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15. Risk, Ownership & Title

The ownership, title and risk of the goods passes to you immediately upon receiving the goods.

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16. Copyright © & Use of This Site

  • All rights, including copyright of trademarks, groseeds.co.uk website along with all its content, including written, photographic, video content, design, Let's Gro Newsletter is the property of Groseeds or that of the people who have granted us the right to use it.
  • By using our website you agree to download or print a single copy of a webpage for your own personal and non - commercial use.
  • To copy, download, reproduce, distribute, republish, re-sell, broadcast, show or play the content in public or change the content in anyway for any other reason is strictly not permitted without the prior written consent of Groseeds.

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17. Seed Quality

  • Groseeds is registered with the 'Animal & Plant Health Agency' (APHA) under licence number 7478. We are inspected annually by APHA and fully comply with all EU legislation.
  • The germination and purity of all our seeds comply with the current EU Seeds Legislation.
  • Our seeds are sourced from reputable, trusted growers and suppliers who also comply with current EU seed regulations and if applicable Soil Association regulations.
  • We store our seeds in a temperature controlled environment to ensure optimum germination.
  • By keeping our stocks low, our seeds are replenished frequently ensuring our customers receive fresh, viable seeds.
  • Seed germination is greatly affected by moisture, temperature and light exposure. All suitable seeds varieties are conveniently packed in foil lined, hermetically sealed, re-sealable packets. Our hermetically sealed packets protect seeds from moisture and light exposure.

17.1 Organic Seeds

  • We are certified and regularly inspected by the Soil Association under licence no AP24043.
  • A list of the seed varieties Groseeds is permitted to offer for sale under our current Soil Association Licence can be viewed here.
  • All of our organic seeds strictly comply with EU seed legislation and with Soil Association regulations.
  • Our organic seeds are stored and processed separately from non-organic varieties to prevent contamination.
  • Find out more about our organic seeds on our 'Organic Seed Licence' page.

17.2 Genetically Modified Seeds

We do not knowingly offer for sale genetically modified seeds and have no plans to do so in the future. Groseeds through the 'Council of Responsible Genetics' has signed the 'Safe Seed Pledge Initiative'.

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18. Customer Services

Here at Groseeds, customer care is one of our main priorities.

  • Our 'Customer Service Statement' page outlines our customer care mission.
  • We strive to provide the very best product and service to each and every customer.
  • Our goal is to ensure customers receive 100% satisfaction from their experience with Groseeds.
  • When we fall short of our goal our dedicated 'Customer Service Team' is here to assist, responding in a professional, courteous, prompt and efficient manner to ensure you receive the 100% satisfaction you deserve.

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19. Cookies & Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please visit our 'Cookies & Privacy Policy' page for full details on - what information we collect about you, how your information is used, how to amend your personal information, personal information shared with third parties, how we use cookies and links to external sites.

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20. Customer Reviews

  • All reviews will be reviewed by Groseeds prior to being published on the groseeds.co.uk website.
  • We want your comments and opinions to be heard however we will refuse to post any reviews that are considered inappropriate such as - reviews that are not specific about the product, that is not your own original work, reviews that have been published elsewhere, comments directed at other reviewers, spiteful or hurtful comments, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, blasphemous, sexually explicit, containing swear words, containing a web address or postal address, telephone number, advertisement for other websites, reviews that contain only one word, contains order information or personal and damaging remarks directed solely at Groseeds.
  • If you have a particular problem with one of our products and you would like to draw our attention to the problem please contact out 'Customer Service Team'.
  • By submitting a review you are confirming that the review is your own original work and that you are granting us the permission to publish the review in full or part on our website, social media, in our e-mails and any other Groseeds marketing material online or offline for the foreseeable future.
  • If you prefer your name not to be made public, when submitting your review please use a pseudonym.
  • Groseeds reserves the right to choose which reviews are published and submission of a review is not a guarantee of it being published.
  • Suitable reviews will be published onto our website within 7 working days of submission.

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21. Customer Images and Video's

By submitting an image or video recording on the groseeds.co.uk website or any other digital channel such as our social media pages you are confirming that the image or video recording is your own original work and that you are granting us the permission to publish in part or full the image or video recording on our website, social media, e-mail or any other Groseeds marketing material online or offline for the foreseeable future.

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22. Email Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and comply with the 'Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations' (PECR).

We do not send e-mails to people who have not had any previous contact with us.

We will contact you by e-mail if -

  • You have made a purchase.
  • You opened (registered) an account.
  • You sent us an e-mail.
  • You submitted a question on a product page.
  • You submitted a product review.
  • You entered a competition.
  • You filled in one of our forms on our website.
  • You subscribed to our newsletter.
  • You added items to your shopping basket but did not complete your order.

22.1 Newsletter E-mails

Our Let's Gro Newsletter is distributed by the e-mail service provider Mailchimp who are based in the USA. This reputable and trusted company have over 8 million users and send out 600 million e-mails every day. Mailchimp has a strict anti-spam policy and respects the privacy of all our subscribers. Mailchimp specify in their terms and conditions that they will never sell, rent or share any of the subscribers personal information to third parties and will only contact our Let's Gro Newsletter subscribers direct if a subscriber makes a complaint or contacts Mailchimp direct.

How do I cancel my newsletter subscription?

If for whatever reason you do not wish to receive our newsletter anymore, you can unsubscribe by simply clicking on the 'unsubscribe' button found at the bottom of every Let's Gro Newsletter. Or if preferred contact our Customer service Team to cancel your subscription.

22.2 I think I may have received spam from Groseeds

  • If you have received an e-mail from Groseeds and you feel you have not had any contact with us previously please do contact our 'Customer Service Team' to register a complaint.
  • We take spam very seriously and all spam reports will be investigated promptly.
  • We work to continuously improve our website security however on rare occasions spammers do find new ways to manipulate a website in order to send out spam e-mail. Please contact our 'Customer Service Team' if you suspect this has happened, thank you.

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23. Account Registration

Registration is not required for placing an order with groseeds.co.uk. However registration is free and offers several benefits to customers -

  • Registration makes future purchases faster & more convenient as customers will not have to re-type their personal details again.
  • Set up multiple shipping addresses in your account, again making checkout much faster.
  • Track the status of your orders.
  • Access your order history.
  • Find favourite products faster by setting up multiple 'Wishlists' in your account, such as 'My favourites', 'Ideal for little Sam's garden' or 'New varieties to try'. As you browse the site, with a click of a button you'll be able to add seed varieties to individual wishlists in your account.
  • Receive and send direct messages to us about your order.

23.1 How to register

  • During checkout, all non-registered customers will be invited to 'register an account'.
  • Accounts can also be opened from any page on the website by simply clicking on 'signup' (top right of the website) or by clicking on 'My Account' in the footer area.
  • You will be directed to the 'My Account' page, click on the button - 'Click here to create a new account'.
  • Fill in your details, then click the 'Create my Account' button.
  • Groseeds will store your personal information securely and registered users will be able to access their store account with a username and password which will have been chosen by the account holder during account registration.
  • Within a few minutes of registering an account a welcome e-mail will arrive in your inbox to verify your username and password (please check your spam folder). Contact our 'Customer Service Team' if a welcome e-mail does not arrive.

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24. Product Images, Descriptions & Growing Advice

We have grown many of the varieties we offer for sale and make every effort to ensure we have described our products as accurately as possible, including easy to follow, in depth growing instructions to help you succeed. However the information we supply such as the product description, sowing and growing instructions and product images are all approximate and should only be used for general guidance. How we grow a particular variety here in North Wales may differ to how and when it should be grown in your location due to environmental factors such as altitude and local knowledge etc.

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25. Contacting Us

  • Contact us by sending an e-mail to - customerservice@groseeds.co.uk
  • Or for convenience e-mail us direct by filling the form on our 'Contact Us' page.
  • By post to - Groseeds, Holborn, Groes, Denbigh, Conwy, LL16 5BL.
  • We aim to reply to all e-mails within 2 working days of receipt. A reply by post can take up to 7 working days from the date we received your letter.

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26. Complaints

  • If for whatever reason you wish to make a complaint about our services, please do contact our 'Customer Service Team'
  • We will reply to all complaints within 5 working days of receipt.

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27. Changes to our Terms & Conditions

  • Our Terms & Conditions will change over time. If you use our website after any changes have been made you will be bound by the new terms.
  • We strongly advise that all customers read our current Terms & Conditions along with all the additional web pages linked to the Terms and Conditions page before placing an order.
  • Please print a copy of the current Terms & Conditions along with the relevant pages and keep them in a safe place along with the order details for future reference.

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28. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

    • These terms, your use of this site and the contract between you and Groseeds will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and any disputes will be decided by the courts of England and Wales only.
    • These Terms & Conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

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