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  • I bought seeds from you several years ago. We used the last of your seeds last year. Great quality, thanks and good luck with the new website -  Emma Roberts
  • I heard you were starting to sell seeds again. Let me know when your website is open so I can buy more seeds for the allotment :) -  Tracy Morris
  • I met you at a farmers market in Chester and bought some seeds from you, thanks for the advice, they did really well in my allotment. -  Eleanor Davies
  • My seeds grew well, we had a bumper crop of beans!. Looking forward to getting some more from you -  J. Simpson
  • Good luck with the new website, if your seeds are as good as they were three years ago you'll do well! -  David Williams
  • Looking forward to receiving more seeds from you. -  James Holms
  • So looking forward to buying more seeds, let me know when you are open. -  Nicky P
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