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Annuals for Cutting

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  • Botanical - Helianthus annuus
    Helianthus Seeds - Sunrich Orange F1
    10 Seeds. Other Names - Sunflower… Helianthus Sunrich Orange F1 is a non-branching variety producing one flower head per stem. The long lasting high quality blooms grow to around 12 - 15 cm across. The petals are a... More
  • Botanical - Lathyrus odoratus
    Sweet Pea Seeds - Painted Lady
    21 Seeds. Other Names - Sweet Peas, Lathyrus Odoratus... Sweet Pea Painted Lady produces attractive bi-coloured flowers in deep pink and white shades. This old variety is productive and vigorous, producing an abundance of... More
  • Botanical - Lathyrus odoratus
    Sweet Pea Seeds - Anniversary
    21 Seeds. Other Names - Sweet Peas, Lathyrus Odoratus... Anniversary is a Spencer type sweet pea and is an excellent variety for exhibition work or for growing in the borders. The highly scented, large frilly white blooms... More
  • Botanical - Salpiglossis sinuata
    Salpiglossis Seeds - Bolero F2
    1050 Seeds. Other Names - Painted Tongue… The exotic appearance of Bolero F2 with it's velvety trumpet-shaped blooms with prominent veins in contrasting colours makes a stunning display in the summer beds,... More
  • Botanical - Rudbeckia hirta
    Rudbeckia Seeds - Marmalade
    450 Seeds. Other Names - Black Eyes Susan, Coneflower… Marmalade produces golden orange large sized daisy-like flowers with a purple-black prominent cone-shaped centre. This productive and robust variety produces... More
  • Papaver Seeds - Victoria Cross
    Papaver Seeds - Victoria Cross
    900 Seeds. Other Names - Poppy, Opium Poppy… This unusual poppy variety Victoria Cross with it's bright crimson flowers with fringed frilly edges and a pure white cross shaped centre looks amazing in fresh or dried... More
  • Botanical - Nigella damascena
    Nigella Seeds - Oxford Blue
    550 Seeds. Other Names - Devil-in-a-Bush, Love-in-a-Mist… Nigella Oxford Blue produces dark blue delicate flowers with dark green fern-like foliage. The seed pods and flowers can be dried for winter decorations... More
  • Botanical - Solanaceae
    Nicotiana Seeds - Roulette F2
    290 Seeds. Other Names - Tobacco Plant, Woodland Tobacco… Roulette F2 is an excellent nicotiana dwarf variety producing a wide range of shades from red, white and pink flowers. The trumpet shaped, upward facing... More
  • Botanical - Tagetes patula
    Marigold Seeds - Naughty Marietta
    255 Seeds. Other Names - Tagetes, French Marigold, Tagetes Patula… An old favourite by many, Naughty Marietta is a single type French marigold, growing to around 30 cm tall. This useful plant with it's golden yellow... More
  • Botanical - Tagetes patula
    Marigold Seeds - Hero Mixed
    55 Seeds. Other Names - Tagetes, French Marigold, Tagetes Patula… Hero Mixed is an outstanding compact variety producing an abundance of extra large flowers in a wide range of orange, red and yellow shades. This... More
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