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Radish are a fast and easy vegetable to grow and are an ideal space filler between slow maturing vegetables such as brussels sprouts, broccoli and parsnips. The crop can be ready to eat in as little as 4 weeks from sowing.

Many gardeners have started their vegetable growing experience by sowing a packet of radish seeds when they were children.

There are two varieties, summer and winter.

Summer radish are best harvested when young when they are not too hot in flavour. The older the root becomes the hotter the flavour and as the name suggests they are grown over the summer months.

Winter radish have a stronger flavour and courser texture. They are sown in autumn and are left to grow much larger in size compared to summer varieties, winter varieties can be stored over the winter months.

Radish come in a variety of shapes and colours, round, semi long, long, red, black, white etc.

They are an ideal vegetable for beginners and children as they are very fast growing and are relatively trouble free. If grown in containers especially ensure the soil or compost is kept moist to prevent the roots developing a woody texture.

  • Botanical - Raphanus sativus
    Radish Seeds - Black Spanish Round
    350 Seeds. Other Names - Winter Radish… An old heritage and reliable variety with black skin and bright white flesh. The large 10 cm wide radishes can be stored over the winter months. Black Spanish Round is an easy... More
  • Botanical - Raphanus sativus
    Radish Seeds - Cherry Belle
    1000 Seeds. Other Names - Globe Radish… Cherry Belle is a fast maturing variety producing mild flavoured radishes. The skins are bright red and the flesh bright white. The globe roots have a crunchy texture and are... More
  • Botanical - Raphanus sativus
    Radish Seeds - China Rose
    750 Seeds. Other Names - Globe Radish, Winter Radish… An ancient variety of radish originally from China. The long peppery roots of the China Rose have stunning rose coloured skin with a bright white flesh. The roots... More
  • Botanical - Raphanus sativus
    Radish Seeds - Easter Egg
    300 Seeds. Other Names - Globe Radish… Easter Egg is a fun variety of radish ideal for getting children introduced to the garden. The beautiful medley of colours, purple, white, reds and pinks make stunning bunches of... More
  • Botanical - Raphanus sativus
    Radish Seeds - French Breakfast
    800 Seeds. Other Names - Globe Radish… French Breakfast is an old heritage variety and has been a firm favourite of the gardener for some time. The cylindrical roots are crunchy and have a spicy but not too hot... More
  • Botanical - Raphanus sativus
    Radish Seeds - Long White Icicle
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Long Radish… This radish is a fun and unusual variety to grow, the 15cm long roots resemble icicles. It is a fast growing and very easy root to grow. The Long White Icicle radish has pure... More
  • Botanical - Raphanus sativus
    Radish Seeds - Mino Summer Cross F1
    35 Seeds. Other Names - Mooli… Japanese radish or mooli produce large white smooth uniform roots about 20 - 30cm in length and about 8 - 10cm in diameter. Mino Summer Cross F1 radish has a mild flavour and the roots... More
  • Radish Seeds - Mixed
    Radish Seeds - Mixed
    1100 Seeds. Other Names - Globe Radish… A special mix of radish to give a good variation in one row and add interest to the salad bowl French Breakfast, Sparkler and Scarlet Globe Fast growing, different... More
  • Radish Seeds - Munchen Bier
    Radish Seeds - Munchen Bier
    750 Seeds. Other Names - Raphanus… Dual purpose variety, grown for it's white root and for it's edible pods The crispy spicy seed pods are delicious raw in salads or cooked in stir fries Easy to grow and ready... More
  • Botanical - Raphanus sativus
    Radish Seeds - Red Meat
    50 Seeds. Other Names - Globe Radish… Red Meat or watermelon radishes produce a fairly large root about the size of a tennis ball. The skin is pure white and the tops are a light green with a stunning deep pink... More
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