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Perennials for Rock Gardens

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  • Botanical - Lobularia maritima
    Alyssum Seeds - Montanum Mountain Gold
    150 Seeds. Other Names - Sweet Alyssum... Alyssum Montanum Gold is a mat forming low growing perennial with rosettes of small oblong grey-green leaves. During the summer months it produces an abundance of pretty and highly... More
  • Botanical - Lobularia maritima
    Alyssum Seeds - Saxatile Compactum Gold Dust
    500 Seeds. Other Names - Sweet Alyssum... Alyssum Gold Dust is an evergreen perennial that produces clumps of low growing grey-green leaves and when it flowers during the spring and summer months it produces a stunning... More
  • Botanical - Dianthus
    Carnation (Dianthus) Seeds - Hardy Border Mixed
    150 Seeds. Other Names - Pink, Pinks, Carnation… Carnation Hardy Border Mixed is a perennial variety producing excellent quality flowers with a broad variety of colours and long stems making them ideal for cutting. ... More
  • Botanical - Primula veris
    Cowslip Seeds - Common Yellow
    50 Seeds. Other Names - Primula… Cowslips Common Yellow comes to life in mid spring producing pretty cluster of 4 - 20 nodding cup shaped butter yellow fragrant flowers on each stem. They are an easy spring flower to... More
  • Creeping Thyme 'Thymus serpyllum' Seeds
    Creeping Thyme 'Thymus serpyllum' Seeds
    750 Seeds. Other Names - Wild Thyme… Forms a dense evergreen covering only 5 - 8 cm tall making it an ideal ground cover plant From May - August clusters of tiny flowers bloom to form a dense purple-violet carpet An easy... More
  • Botanical - Gramineae / Poaceae
    Decorative Grass Seeds - Briza Media
    100 Seeds. Other Names - Common Quaking Grass, Trembling Grass, Doddering Dillies… Briza Media decorative grass is a tuft forming fully hardy perennial. It produces mid-green coloured leaves and in summer produces... More
  • Botanical - Gramineae / Poaceae
    Decorative Grass Seeds - Festuca Glauca
    150 Seeds. Other Names - Blue Festuca, Blue Grass… Decorative grass Festuca Glauca produces tufts of needle-like blue-green foliage with deep purple flower spikes which fade gradually over time to an attractive golden... More
  • Botanical - Gramineae / Poaceae
    Decorative Grass Seeds - Stipa Barbata Silver Feather
    4 Seeds. Other Names - Silver Feather Grass… The hardy perennial Stipa Barbata - Silver Feather adds another dimension to the borders with its striking silvery green foliage and feathery silvery white awns. The 30 - 40 cm... More
  • Botanical - Gramineae / Poaceae
    Decorative Grass Seeds - Stipa Capillata
    15 Seeds. Other Names - Bridal Veil, Feather Grass, Needle Grass, Lace Veil… Stipa Capillata forms a dense clump of foliage with green coloured hair-like awns. When the awns mature they turn a stunning silvery white... More
  • Botanical - Asteraceae / Compositae
    Gazania Seeds - Splendens Mixed
    15 Seeds. Other Names - Treasure Flower… Gazania Splendens Mixed produces large, daisy-like, bright coloured flowers with dark centred flower heads which close during dull and cold weather. They are very productive... More
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