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  • Botanical - Amaranthus cruentus
    Amaranth Seeds - Red Army
    200 Seeds. Other Names - Chinese Spinach… Amaranth Red Army is a fast growing and prolific leaf in the height of the summer months. The plant produces pretty bright cherry red leaves ideal for salads, garnishes or any... More
  • Botanical - Barbarea verna
    American Cress Seeds
    900 Seeds. Other Names - Land Cress, Upland Cress… This green peppery flavoured leaf is very similar to watercress however it is far less demanding and does not require running water or overly moist soils to thrive... More
  • Botanical - Angelica archangelica
    Angelica Seeds
    105 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Angelica, St Michael's Flower, Holy Ghost, Wild Celery… Angelica is a tall growing biennial herb with sturdy hollow flower stalks and attractive yellow-green flowers that appear on... More
  • Botanical - Pimpinella anisum
    Anise Seeds
    360 Seeds. Other Names - Aniseed… Anise is known for it's sweet liquorice flavoured leaves and seeds and with it's tiny dainty attractive white flowers it is a welcomed plant in the flower borders as well as the herb... More
  • Botanical - Lotus tetragonolobus
    Asparagus Pea Seeds
    50 Seeds. Other Names - Winged Pea, Winged Bean… An unusual and easy vegetable to grow. Asparagus pea is a low growing plant producing pretty sweet pea like dark red flowers which are followed by small gourmet... More
  • Botanical - Solanum melongena
    Aubergine Seeds - Black Beauty
    100 Seeds. Other Names - Egg Plant, Eggplant... This reliable and prolific heritage variety produces a good sized deep purple coloured fruit about 15cm in length. Aubergine Black Beauty is suitable for growing indoors as... More
  • Botanical - Melissa officinalis
    Balm Lemon Seeds
    420 Seeds. Other Names - Balm Mint… The leaves of Balm Lemon have a strong lemon flavour and aroma when crushed and are ideal for adding to salads, salad dressings, cooked dishes, oils and especially refreshing in... More
  • Botanical - Ocimum sanctum
    Basil Seeds - Basil Holy
    210 Seeds. Other Names - Sacred Basil, Tulsi… Basil Holy is an old variety, a sacred plant in the Hindu religion. It produces dark green leaves with a clove-like fragrance on deep purple-red stems. The purple colour... More
  • Botanical - Ocimum citriodorum
    Basil Seeds - Basil Lemon
    160 Seeds. Other Names - Citrus Basil… This variety produces deeply scented dark green leaves with a good lemony flavour. The dark green leaves of basil lemon can be added to teas or for flavouring fish and meat... More
  • Botanical - Ocimum basilicum
    Basil Seeds - Basil Lime
    155 Seeds. Other Names - Citrus Basil… The bright green leaves of basil lime adds a delightful citrus flavour to salads, stir-fries and herbal teas. The leaves have a mild lime fragrance which works very well... More