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Leafy Greens

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  • Botanical - Ocimum basillicum
    Basil Seeds - Sweet Genovese
    450 Seeds. Other Names - Classic Italian… One of the most popular sweet basil varieties. Sweet Genovese produces soft, tender, juicy, aromatic green leaves which are excellent for making fresh pesto, adding to pasta... More
    £1.99 £1.09
  • Botanical - Eruca sativa
    Rocket Seeds - Wild Rocket
    1000 Seeds. Other Names - Arugula... Wild Rocket has a stronger peppery flavour compared to salad (cultivated) rocket varieties. It is also a hardy perennial which can produce leaves for several years. The leaves are... More
    £1.94 £1.07
  • Botanical - Eruca sativa
    Rocket Seeds - Salad Rocket
    1120 Seeds. Other Names - Arugula... Salad Rocket has larger serrated leaves compared to wild rocket making it much easier to harvest. Its pepper flavoured leaves are not as hot and intense as the wild variety which some... More
    £1.88 £1.03
  • Botanical - Brassica rapa (Nipposinica or Japonica)
    Mizuna Seeds
    220 Seeds. Other Names - Oriental Leaves, Japanese Mustard… Mizuna has a dark green, narrow, serrated leaf. It had a mustardy flavour, is very prolific and fairly trouble free to grow. Mizuna is extremely hardy and... More
    £1.91 £1.05
  • Botanical - Brassica juncea
    Mustard Leaf Seeds - Golden Streaks
    210 Seeds. Other Names - Oriental Mustard, Leaf Mustard, Oriental Leaves... Mustard Golden Streaks is a good looking hardy plant with its finely serrated green leaves and sweet mustard flavour making it an excellent... More
    £1.98 £1.09
  • Botanical - Latuca sativa
    Lettuce Seeds - Webbs Wonderful
    300 Seeds. Other Names - Iceberg Lettuce, Crisp Lettuce… This heritage iceberg variety is an excellent variety with its large tight head and wrinkled pale green leaves. Webbs Wonderful is reliable especially in hot... More
    £1.95 £1.07
  • Botanical - Latuca sativa
    Lettuce Seeds - Mixed Multi Leaf Type
    1000 Seeds. Other Names - Loose Leaf Lettuce... This single pack includes a good variety of butterhead, cos, loose leaf and iceberg lettuce. Ideal for when different varieties are required but space is at a premium. The... More
    £2.09 £1.04
  • Botanical - Latuca sativa
    Lettuce Seeds - Salad Bowl Red
    1000 Seeds. Other Names - Loose Leaf Lettuce... Salad Bowl Red is a stunning looking loose leaf lettuce producing attractive bronze red coloured leaves. It can be left to grow to form a large lettuce or harvested as a cut... More
    £2.09 £1.15
  • Botanical - Latuca sativa
    Lettuce Seeds - Lollo Rossa
    700 Seeds. Other Names - Loose Leaf Lettuce... This attractive lettuce variety is an old time favourite. The crisp green crinkled leaves off Lollo Rossa with its ruby red edges makes this a truly stunning variety to grow... More
    £2.02 £1.21
  • Botanical - Latuca sativa
    Lettuce Seeds - Arctic King
    600 Seeds. Other Names - Winter Butterhead Lettuce… This butterhead variety of lettuce is suitable for autumn sowings for harvesting the following spring. Arctic King produces a large light green head with crinkled... More
    £1.99 £1.39
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