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Fast Growing Vegetables

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  • Botanical - Barbarea verna
    American Cress Seeds
    900 Seeds. Other Names - Land Cress, Upland Cress… This green peppery flavoured leaf is very similar to watercress however it is far less demanding and does not require running water or overly moist soils to thrive... More
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Beet, Storing Beetroot, Globe Beetroot, Early Beetroot… Boltardy is one of the most popular varieties grown by gardeners. It is suitable for early spring sowings as it is resistant to... More
  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Courgette Seeds - Genovese
    15 Seeds. Other Names - Zucchini, Marrow… This early maturing courgette variety produces cylindrical light green fruits with light grey speckles and can grow up to 20 cm in length. Genovese has an open bush habit... More
  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Courgette Seeds - Zucchini Goldy
    5 Seeds. Other Names - Zucchini, Marrow… Yellow courgettes have a slightly different flavour to green varieties, the texture is also crisper. Zucchini Goldy produces beautiful bright yellow cylindrical fruits. The... More
  • Botanical - Lepidium sativum
    Cress Seeds - Common Cress
    36g (approx. 13000 Seeds). Other Names - Plain Cress, Garden Cress, Sprouting Seeds, Micro Leaves, Micro Greens... Growing cress is a fast and rewarding way to supply the kitchen with fresh tasty green leaves all through... More
  • Botanical - Lepidium sativum
    Cress Seeds - Curled Cress
    35g (approx. 13000 Seeds) Other Names - Garden Cress, Peppercress, Sprouting Seeds, Micro Leaves, Micro Greens... A fast growing cress with a curled green leaf. Curled cress is very easy to grow and can simply be sprinkled... More
  • Botanical - Lepidium sativum
    Cress Seeds - Mustard Cress
    43 grams (Approx. 6000 Seeds) Other Names - Sprouting Seeds, Micro Leaves, Micro Greens... This variety of cress is delicious on sandwiches, added to salads, garnishes or simply added to stir fries. It adds a little bite... More
  • Botanical - Brassica oleracea
    Kailaan Seeds
    100 Seeds. Other Names - Chinese Kale, Chinese Broccoli, Oriental Leaves... Kailaan or Chinese broccoli tastes very similar to broccoli or calabrese. It is a compact plant and requires very little space. The whole stem,... More
  • Botanical - Apium Graveolens
    Kintsai Seeds
    1500 Seeds. Other Names - Kin Tsai, Cutting Celery, Soup Celery, Chinese Celery, Oriental Leaves… Kintsai is a fast and easy to grow Chinese celery that has the aroma and distinctive flavour of thick stemmed celery... More
  • Botanical - Brassica oleracea (Gongylodes group)
    Kohl Rabi Seeds - Delicacy Purple
    300 Seeds. Other Names - Brassica oleracea… The swollen roots of the kohl rabi Delicate Purple looks rather alien compared to other vegetable varieties in the garden. It may look a little alien however kohl rabi is a... More