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Edible Flowers

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  • Botanical - Allium schoenoprasum
    Chives Seeds
    310 Seeds. Other Names - Chinese Leek… This easy to grow perennial herb is a valuable addition to any garden. It produces clumps of dark green, thin, long grass-like leaves with a strong onion flavour. The attractive... More
  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Courgette Seeds - Black Beauty Dark Fog
    20 Seeds. Other Names - Zucchini, Summer Squash, Marrow… A vigorous and productive courgette producing an abundance of dark green coloured long courgettes over a long season. The fruits of Black Beauty Dark Fog have... More
  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Courgette Seeds - Genovese
    15 Seeds. Other Names - Zucchini, Marrow… This early maturing courgette variety produces cylindrical light green fruits with light grey speckles and can grow up to 20 cm in length. Genovese has an open bush habit... More
  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Courgette Seeds - Zucchini Goldy
    5 Seeds. Other Names - Zucchini, Marrow… Yellow courgettes have a slightly different flavour to green varieties, the texture is also crisper. Zucchini Goldy produces beautiful bright yellow cylindrical fruits. The... More
  • Botanical - Anethum graveolens
    Dill Seeds - Dill Dukat
    750 Seeds. Other Names - Dill Weed… The attractive feathery foliage of dill Dukat has a sweet, refreshing distinct flavour excellent for adding to salads, cooked vegetable, fish dishes and yogurts. The pale yellow... More
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Leaf Beet Seeds - Erbette
    155 Seeds. Other Names - Spinach Beet, Chard… A traditional Italian leaf beet with pale green thin leaves with an excellent flavour and texture. Erbette is very productive, ideal for containers and beginners. Eat raw... More
  • Botanical - Calendula officinalis
    Marigold Pot Seeds
    110 Seeds. Other Names - English Marigold… Pot marigold make excellent companion plants in the vegetable garden as the brightly coloured golden - orange blooms attract bees and other beneficial aphid munching insects... More
  • Botanical - Pisum sativum
    Pea Seeds - Oregon Sugar Pod
    120 Seeds. Other Names - Sugar Peas… The mid season variety Oregon Sugar Pod is at its best when eaten young. This mangetout variety has medium sized flat pods of excellent flavour and colour. When eaten young the... More
  • Botanical - Eruca sativa
    Rocket Seeds - Wild Rocket
    1000 Seeds. Other Names - Arugula... Wild Rocket has a stronger peppery flavour compared to salad (cultivated) rocket varieties. It is also a hardy perennial which can produce leaves for several years. The leaves are small,... More
  • Botanical - Cucurbita pepo
    Squash Seeds - Little Gem
    8 Seeds. Other Names - Winter Squash… The Little Gem squash produces a good amount of deep green coloured round squashes early in the season. The small sized squashes are flavoursome and especially delicious when pan... More
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