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Beetroot is a versatile and delicious vegetable that really doesn’t deserve to be drowned in vinegar … not all of the time! Its sweet earthy flavour is particularly delicious when baked in the oven, whole in their skins. Roasted with other root vegetables or shredded raw in salads are just a few other tasty alternative ways to eat this versatile vegetable. If eaten young the leaves can also be enjoyed in salads.

Home grown beetroot can be available all the year round. From June to late autumn they can be pulled fresh from the ground and from early winter up until March they can be easily stored for winter use. When stored beetroot run out in March pickled beetroot can be available until the new season beetroot are ready to be pulled fresh once again from the ground in June.

Although beetroot is native to Southern Europe it grows very well in our colder climate.

The roots came in a variety of shapes and colours, red, yellow, white, red with white rings, round, cylindrical and long varieties are also available.

Beetroot is an easy vegetable to grow and is ideal for beginners and children. It grows well in containers and suffers very little problems from pests and diseases.

  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Beetroot Seeds - Chioggia Barbietola
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Tonda Di Chioggia, Garden Beet, Globe Beetroot… Chioggia Barbietola is an unusual variety of beetroot with is stunning red and white distinct rings. The globe shaped roots have an orangey -... More
    £2.08 £1.14
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Beetroot Seeds - Golden
    150 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Beet, Globe Beetroot… A great tasting sweet beetroot with a deep yellow and tender flesh. The flesh unlike red beetroot does not bleed and therefore produces less mess in the kitchen!... More
    £2.46 £1.35
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Beetroot Seeds - Detroit Globe
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Beet, Globe Beetroot… A firm favourite of many home gardeners. Detroit Globe produces a good sized root and can be stored for several months. It has a smooth skin and deep red flesh... More
    £1.99 £1.09
  • Beetroot Seeds - Cylindra
    Beetroot Seeds - Cylindra
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Beet, Globe Beetroot… This beetroot produces high quality cylindrical roots with a dark crimson flesh. Cylindra beetroot matures later than globe varieties which is ideal for... More
    £2.04 £1.02
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Beet, Storing Beetroot, Globe Beetroot, Early Beetroot… Boltardy is one of the most popular varieties grown by gardeners. It is suitable for early spring sowings as it is resistant to... More
    £1.99 £1.09