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  • Botanical - Daucus carota
    Carrot Seeds - Yellowstone
    280 Seeds. Other Names - Maincrop Carrots… Carrot Yellowstone has long golden yellow roots that are exceptionally sweet. It is a rich source in antioxidants and vitamins. Its unusual coloured roots will brighten up... More
  • Botanical - Matricaria chamomilla
    Chamomile Seeds
    3050 Seeds. Other Names - German Chamomile, Camomile, Scented Mayweed… Chamomile has been used in herbal teas for centuries, for it's medicinal values and for it's flavour. The attractive daisy - like white flowers... More
  • Botanical - Anthriscus cerefolium
    Chervil Curled Seeds
    740 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Chervil, French Parsley, Hedge Parsley… Chervil curled produces spicy rich aniseed flavoured leaves which are ideal for adding raw to salads, soups, poultry and fish dishes. A great... More
  • Botanical - Capsicum anuum
    Chilli Seeds - Early Jalapeno
    25 Seeds. Other Names - Chilli Pepper, Chili… Early Jalapeno as the name suggests ripens faster compared to other jalapeno types. This chilli can be used fresh, delicious sliced into rings with nachos or added to... More
  • Botanical - Capsicum anuum
    Chilli Seeds - Hungarian Hot Wax
    35 Seeds. Other Names - Chilli Pepper, Chili… The award winning chilli Hungarian Hot Wax produces pointed fruits 6 - 10 cm long with a mild to medium hot flavour. The fruits ripen from a mild dark green flavour to... More
  • Botanical - Capsicum annuum
    Chilli Seeds - Numex Twilight
    24 Seeds. Other Names - Chilli Pepper, Capsicum… This vibrant, stunning and compact chilli plant has a bushy habit making it an excellent choice for growing in containers. As the Numex Twilight chilli ripens the... More
  • Botanical - Capsicum anuum
    Chilli Seeds - Ring of Fire
    55 Seeds. Other Names - Chilli Pepper, Chili… This early and reliable cayenne pepper produces extremely hot, bright red thin chilli's 7 - 10 cm long. Ring of Fire has a compact bushy habit making it ideal for growing... More
  • Botanical - Capsicum annuum
    Chilli Seeds - Tobasco
    12 Seeds. Other Names - Chilli Pepper, Capsicum… The Tabasco chilli plant produces an abundance of extremely hot fiery and juicy little chillies which is why it is so popular for making sauces. The chillies grow... More
  • Botanical - Allium schoenoprasum
    Chives Seeds
    310 Seeds. Other Names - Chinese Leek… This easy to grow perennial herb is a valuable addition to any garden. It produces clumps of dark green, thin, long grass-like leaves with a strong onion flavour. The attractive... More
  • Botanical - Salvia sclarea
    Clary Sage Seeds
    65 Seeds. Other Names - Biennial Clary, Clary… Clary Sage has many uses, from flavouring oils, wines, medicinal purposes, potpourri to making tasty fritters with the leaves. The architectural plants with their... More