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Vegetables to Sow in July

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  • Botanical - Barbarea verna
    American Cress Seeds
    900 Seeds. Other Names - Land Cress, Upland Cress… This green peppery flavoured leaf is very similar to watercress however it is far less demanding and does not require running water or overly moist soils to thrive... More
    £1.99 £1.09
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Beet, Storing Beetroot, Globe Beetroot, Early Beetroot… Boltardy is one of the most popular varieties grown by gardeners. It is suitable for early spring sowings as it is resistant to... More
    £1.99 £1.09
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Beetroot Seeds - Chioggia Barbietola
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Tonda Di Chioggia, Garden Beet, Globe Beetroot… Chioggia Barbietola is an unusual variety of beetroot with is stunning red and white distinct rings. The globe shaped roots have an orangey -... More
    £2.08 £1.14
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Beetroot Seeds - Detroit Globe
    400 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Beet, Globe Beetroot… A firm favourite of many home gardeners. Detroit Globe produces a good sized root and can be stored for several months. It has a smooth skin and deep red flesh... More
    £1.99 £1.09
  • Botanical - Beta vulgaris
    Beetroot Seeds - Golden
    150 Seeds. Other Names - Garden Beet, Globe Beetroot… A great tasting sweet beetroot with a deep yellow and tender flesh. The flesh unlike red beetroot does not bleed and therefore produces less mess in the kitchen!... More
    £2.46 £1.35
  • Botanical - Brassica oleracea (Italica group)
    Broccoli Seeds - De Cicco
    375 Seeds. Other Names - Calabrese… A popular and productive Italian variety that grows a good amount of tender side shoots after the main head has been harvested. The heads of the calabrese De Cicco do not all... More
    £2.03 £1.12
  • Botanical - Daucus carota
    Carrot Seeds - Early Nantes
    2000 Seeds. Other Names - Early Carrots, Mid Season Carrots… This is an early variety ideal for spring sowings. Early Nantes produces finger sized carrots that have a blunt end and are a good variety for growing in... More
    £1.99 £1.09
  • Botanical - Daucus carota
    Carrot Seeds - Resistafly F1
    250 Seeds. Other Names - Maincrop Carrots… Resistafly is an F1 hybrid with a good resistance to the pest carrot fly. The blunt ended roots have a smooth skin and a delicious sweet flavour. This mid season / maincrop... More
    £2.29 £1.26
  • Botanical - Daucus carota
    Carrot Seeds - Sugarsnax 54
    350 Seeds. Other Names - Mid Season Carrots… The roots can grow up to 25cm long and is bred to be super sweet. The high levels of beta carotene gives the carrot Sugarsnax 54 a rich orange colour that livens up the... More
    £2.29 £1.26
  • Botanical Name - Brassica oleracea (Botrytis group)
    Cauliflower Seeds - All Year Round
    200 Seeds. Other Names - Spring, Summer, Autumn Cauliflower… This cauliflower produces large tight pure white heads that are well protected by dark green leaves. Cauliflower All Year Round is ideal for successional... More
    £1.99 £1.59